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Our growing list of products offer for ELECTRICAL, POWER, SCADA, and TELECOMMUNICATIONS in our International and Local Business Alliances:


Comtrol, the leader in device connectivity, offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions and supporting services — from multiport cards and programmable device servers to systems for the hospitality industry, industrial Ethernet gateways and RFID edge controllers.

Ethernet to serial device connectivity made easy! The DeviceMaster line delivers the most comprehensive suite of application and serial device servers on the market today, enabling superior device networking capabilities. When connecting serial devices to the network using DeviceMaster, serial COM ports are accessible and compatible with any enterprise software application. And since DeviceMaster is a full-function serial-to-ethernet device server, you can develop and run programs on the system as well. In many cases, this multi-function device server can replace expensive, support-intensive general-purpose PC servers. Highlights include:

  • Enables networking of up to 32 devices per wireless or wireline serial device server
  • Application software compatible COM ports and TTY ports or TCP socket connections
  • Includes a full-function Web server, e-mail client, and SNMP agent
  • Fully customizable, programmable processing platform
  • Internet accessible and remotely serviceable
  • Lowest network communications latency